About us


  • Coordination of Rotary clubs the implementation of joint projects and other activities of mutual interest
  • Improvement of communication and cooperation ofRotary clubs and Rotarians from Macedonia
  • Expansion of the membership and establishment of new Rotary clubs in Macedonia
  • Promotion of Rotary in the wider community
  • Organizing educational activities and expanding knowledge of Rotarians about the principles and objectives of Rotary as well as the rules and procedures of Rotary International
  • Transparent presentation of the activities of Rotary clubs from Macedonia through a common webpage on the Internet another media


  • Coordination of the presentation of the Rotary clubs infant of the institutions and bodies of Rotary International and establishment of direct communication with them
  • Care about development and retention of the membership in Rotary clubs and establishment of new Rotary clubs in Macedonia
  • Organizing conferences, lectures and seminars on topics of interest to the Rotary Clubs in Macedonia
  • Working meetings and visits to the Rotary clubs in Macedonia
  • Regular media contacts and communication with other representatives from the Macedonian public life
  • Translation and publication of written, photo and video materials about the basic principles of Rotary and current activities of Rotary International



str. Ivo Lola Ribar (Teodosij Gologanov) 57/1-6
1000 Skopje
Republic of Macedonia

email: secretarysrkm@t.mk

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